SWITCH started, in 2009, by the hand of a group of high-school students. Now it is organised as a non-profit project by a more mature (yet still young) team. No one in the team makes any money organising the event – is is done in the belief that the impact of our work will help others succeed and push our country (and world) forward. This are the people that are running SWITCH and those that in the past have offered us significant help.

2013 TEAM:


Ricardo Sousa - Founder Producer & Program Curator

Ricardo is the founder of SWITCH Conference and now runs the team putting together the event each year. Besides SWITCH, Ricardo has a deep interest in education and runs ColorElephant, a consulting company working with clients worldwide that also develops its own products.

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rafaelRafael Pires - Head of Operations

Curious tech guy exploring the entrepreneurship world! He’s enthusiastic about sharing ideas and experiences, which leads him to participate and organize events all the time, because life is about the people you meet along the way

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JRPJorge Ponte - Head of Sponsors

Jorge, a lifelong “Techie”, is SWITCH’s sponsoring manager. On his day job, he is an IT/IS project manager for financial services and a part-time teacher at a product and ideas development school. Devoted husband and, very recently, a first time father (feel free to congratulate him if you see him around).

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joanaJoana Castro Santos - Creative Director

Joana always wanted to be a graphic designer. And she’s paving her way. Currently taking a BA degree in Visual Communication at the prestigious ECAL in Lausanne, Switzerland, she’s also the co-founder of ColorElephant and spends her time between sunny Portugal and snowy Switzerland.

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danielaDaniela Monteiro - Head of Communications

Daniela is a fond of creativity and innovation, fostering the entrepreneurial attitude. Collaborating with SWITCH since 2011, she’s amazed with the people she met and the potential of bringing people together

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VascoSwitchVasco Desoudá - Production & A/V

With SWITCH since 2011, Vasco Deusodá is a father of two and a husband of one. Always looking for a creative way to do whatever he is doing he has formation in arts but was never an artist. Two wheels are his favorite way of locomotion because the sun, the cold wind or the rain always make him company.

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joaoJoão Gomes - Financial Manager

João Gomes is the Financial Director of SWITCH Conference. João has been studying Corporate Finance, Strategy and Entrepreneurship in some of the best Europeans Schools, is Co-Founder of a fashion clothing company and is particular interested in developing ideas to help create new enterprises that create value not only to the shareholders but for all stakeholders.

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pedroPedro Santos - Press Relations

Pedro first contact with SWITCH was as an attendee and soon after joined the victorious team. Besides being driven by visiting new places, he has a thing for connecting people® (yeah just like nokia) and allowing them to create new projects.

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CatarinaCatarina Braz - Sponsorship Manager

Catarina is a management student that is always looking for new things to learn and projects to collaborate on. She is passionate about travelling because it is a way of meeting interesting people and places and mostly because this brings new life perspectives.

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Advisory Board

We’d like to thank everyone who’ve advised (formally and not) SWITCH over the years.

Thank you’s

We’d like the people who throughout SWITCH existence have helped significantly. First, and foremost we would like to thank the whole team behind the previous editions. We would also like to thank this individuals that, not being part of the team anymore, have left a contribution worth mentioning: Rita Veloso (founding member), Sílvia Dinis (founding member) Daniel Marques (for noteworthy collaboration in 2010 and 2011), Miguel Munoz (for the mentorship and critical 2011 support), Cristina Pedrosa (for the precious logistics assistance in 2010), Francisco Gomes (for the help in 2010) Cristiana Carvalhal (founding member), João Carreiro (for the incredible and critical help in 2011), Pedro Coutinho (for a resourceful help in 2011 and 2012), Jorge Oliveira (for being an amazing mentor and supporter since day 0), Pedro Carmo Oliveira (for the help in 2012), Hugo Baganha, João Costa, Romina Santos, Nuno Relvão, Frederico Lucas, Raquel Silva, Brad Fitchew, André Grilo (for the help in 2011 and/or 2012) and the whole team at jeKnowledge (for the help with the 2010 edition).